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Current Chairman of the club. Derek has been a member of the club for 11 years now and has always been involved in setting up the park and running paddock exit and is also the infield manager. Derek gets involved with as much as he can. He is a keen motorcyclist and a recently qualified technical official and sound inspector.

Derek Smith

Ian started as a road race marshal at Darley Moor in 1971 (aged 15), progressed through the ranks to National Clerk of the Course & Steward status. Ian carries out these duties at Three Sisters, Anglesey and of course Aberdare Park where he’s been on duty the last four years, whilst till participating at other circuits as well in any position they need on the day.

Ian McLeod (Clerk of the Course)

Anthony has been a member of the club for 6 years. Anthony is the tea and coffee fairy and also plays an important part in the marshalling team.

Antony Temme

Darren has been a member for 3 years but has been involved with the running and setting up with the park for the past 12 years.

Darren Williams

Daniel has been a member of the club for 4 years and is a key figure on the recovery truck and is always involved in any of the clubs activities as well as setting up the park.

Daniel Lewis

Alex has been a member of the club now for 7 years, but has also been helping out in the park for the last 11 years. Alex races a classic 50cc motorcycle at the park and parades a Honda GP RS 125 race bike. Alex is also a keen road racer and a member of various motorcycle race clubs, and races all over the UK.

Alex Smith

Gavin is one of our most recent members and he has been marshalling at the park for the last 13 years.

Gavin Mathews

Aled has been a member of the club for 15 years, and is the current race secretary, he is generally an all round good guy.

Aled Lloyd

Howard our club President, has been a club member for 11 years now. Howard is always involved in anything that the club does, and is in charge of sourcing and disposing of the hay and straw every year. He is also a qualified Technical official, and sound inspector. Howard also mentors Alex Smith, our Junior Road racer, and has 100’s of years experience when it comes to road racing and is a fountain of knowledge.

Howard Bellers Smith

Dafydd is our club Vice President. We all know him as Dad, he has been a member of the club for 4 years (although it feels to be 300 years) He is a keen marshal and operates the crossing at the park.

Dafydd Lloyd Martin Temme

Martin is the Chief Marshal, and a long time member of the club who enjoys marshaling the B.S.B. Moto GP, and W.S.B, along with other club racing events.

Neil has been a member for 19 years and has held various positions within the club including marshalling and recovery and general set up duties. Neil is the current incident officer.

Neil Williams

Affectionately know as “Grumpi”, we still don't know why. Graeme has been a member of the club for many years and is our resident chef a true hairy biker and brilliant with his knives and a hot skillet.

Graeme Gibson